VW Show of Hands
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VW Show of Hands


The Volkswagen Community Trust strives to make a sustainable difference to communities. It focuses on 6 areas: Education; Youth Development; Health, Community and Well-being; Enterprise Development; Employee Volunteerism and the Environment.


The VW Community Trust’s(VWCT)Great Show Of Handsinitiative stems from the Employee Volunteerism focus area. It is an employee programme that gives staff a feeling of a sense of purpose by being able to help their community. Since 2011, thousands of Volkswagen South Africastaff members have given their time to working on the Great Show Of Hands projects.


A few projects are shortlisted from proposalsfor beneficiariesgiven by Volkswagen South Africa employees. Soul Good, together with the VWCTteam,then visit the shortlisted projects and selectthe beneficiary for the next Great Show Of Hands roll out. Four projects get chosen each year and each has the goal of bettering the lives of those in the chosen communities.


As a trusted events agency, Volkswagen South Africa appointed Soul Good to manage this Corporate Social Investment project –VWCT Great Show Of Hands. We manageconceptdevelopmentfor the roll out of the project, andthen manage the entire project, including contractors and suppliers. This all includesrenovations, landscaping, packaging and handing over food parcels, electrical layouts and much more.


Different projects include different work such as installing librariesand literacy centres(which correlates withVWCT’s dedication to early childhood development), renovations and painting, creating beautiful gardens and much more.


Everything comes together on event day when we host up to 250 volunteers for the finalstretch of renovations.


We always walk away from a Great Show Of Hands with overflowing hearts, knowing that we have played our part in making a difference.